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Top 10 Essay Writing Services

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Imagine you have to submit a research proposal to your supervisor two days prior the completion of your graduate course but you haven't selected a topic yet. What will you do? What options do you have?

Contacting an essay writing service is one option among several others. Unfortunately most of the students hesitate and feel reluctant to contact essay writing services because they are not sure as to how they will be treated and what they will receive at the end. It is natural to feel hesitant when contacting a new company for the first time and getting your essay or dissertation or any research project done. Trusting a new company is not easy especially when your graduate degree is at stake.

This is where essay writing service reviews come into play. These reviews are of great help for students as well as professional writers who are looking for the best service. Being a student and a professional researcher and an article writer, I have contacted several essay writing services. I have to contact them on and off to get my job done so you can trust my reviews. The companies that I will review today are the ones that I have personally contacted. These reviews are based on my personal experience with the services.
1. is one of my all time favorite essay writing services. I have contacted them several times and every time these guys have provided me with exceptional content. At, you are offered a whole lot of different services including essay writing, research papers, case studies, dissertation, reviews, term papers etc.
There are several benefits of dealing with these guys.
  • They have numerous experienced writers in their team. They have well over 700 expert writers and authors in their team.
  • They offer you a bunch of free services and features. Among these free features is the free outline and a free title page.
  • You can choose your own delivery time which can be even 3 hours. This means you can get your essay completed in 3 hours which is just awesome.
  • The pricing strategy is very simple where you have to pay per page where price is linked to the quality of the content. You can choose from standard quality, premium and platinum quality content.
  • At there is something for everyone.
I have to say that the best thing about is their high quality of content. You will always love the content – no matter what. At the same time, their prices are very high. If your budget is low, It might not be a good fit for you but if its quality that you prefer over price, then is the best place for you to be.

2. offers you a lot of features as well as several guarantees which include 24/7 customer support, contact with the writer and personal assistance via a personal manager. These unique features make them stand out from the crowd. I personally love the way these guys provide you with high quality customer support.
When it comes to delivery of the completed projects, you can get your essay or project done in as low as 3 hours but of course, you have to pay double price for it. The standard turnaround time is 10 days which is OK.
Some of the major features and benefits of essay writing service are:
  • It is a highly feature-rich essay writing service that offers you several features that no other company will offer you in the industry.
  • As far as service is concerned, willingly takes on any project that you will throw at it ranging from article writing to essay writing to dissertation writing to research projects and doctoral services.
  • You can interact directly with the writer which is such a great offer.
3. is another top notch essay writing service provider in the town that is best at custom-written papers. is best at academic writing of all types and in all styles. You just have to place your order, send your instructions and sit back. There is nothing else you have to worry about.
What I personally like about is their flexible discount policy. These guys don’t hesitate to offer you discounts. I always send them an email before placing my order with them and they happily offer me a discount. I am no special customer, in fact this policy is applicable for everyone. You will by default get 15% discount on your first order with But as I know, you can get discount on your subsequent orders provided you ask for discount.
At, they have a professional team of writers and as soon as you place your order, your instructions are forwarded to one of the best writers. You will be able to talk to the writer to get your job done. Don't forget that they offer you free revisions too. Your essay is proofread by an expert proofreader before it is delivered to you and that’s the reason you rarely have to ask for revisions.

I have had the chance to interact with a couple times. These guys are good – I must say. They delivered my 5 day project in 3 days which made me very delighted. Just like, is flexible with its pricing strategy. You can chat with them online 24/7 which makes communication very easy. is a bit cheaper essay writing service compared to the top three in the list. The minimum delivery time is 3 hours and I can say with full confidence that these guys never miss deadlines so if you have a time sensitive project in hand, I recommend getting it done by
These guys offer you discounts, guarantees and free services. I personally love their free services which include formatting, bibliography, title page and revisions. Yes, offers you unlimited revisions. I never had to ask them for revisions maybe it is because I am not a fussy kind of a customer. The credit goes to their helpful and experienced writers.
If customer services and communication are your main concerns, then you should place your order with
5. is one of the oldest essay writing service providers which has been in this business since 1997. The real strength of lies in their experience and competitive prices. Getting a discount from one of the oldest essay writing company in the town isn’t really hard.
Some of the killer features and benefits of dealing with are:
  • You can have a quality page written in as low as $19.99. You can grab up to 15% discount if you order multiple pages.
  • offers you numerous free services like outline, revisions, formatting, title page and many others.
  • They have a proper discount policy in place so there are always fair chances that you will be eligible for discount.
  • It is one of the oldest essay writing service so you can expect nothing but premium quality content from these guys.
  • is great at customer support. You can contact them 24/7 via live chat option available at their website.
  • You can talk to the writer directly who is working on your project which provides you with an opportunity to avoid issues and mistakes.
  • You can order any type of paper, dissertation, project, research article or any other custom article based on your personal needs.
  • Last but not the least, you get $20 discount on your very first order with
6. is at 6th spot in my essay writing service review of the top 10 companies. This is the second essay writing service company that’s in this business since 1997 and since then, it has been offering quality papers to its customers. Though I didn’t have the chance to contact them in 1997 but I placed my first order with these guys back in 2007. I was happy with the services, quality and turnaround time. Everything went well and this is the reason I still order different projects from them on regular intervals. But I have to admit that EssayHelp2.comis best at writing academic papers and you can send your paper to a journal for publishing right away without even reading it, and it will get through. One of my clients did this and the paper was published successfully.
Though is a bit expensive and that’s the reason it is at 6th place but if you want really high quality academic level research paper, you should contact these guys, you will never get disappointed., like other essay writing services, is great at offering discounts, free services, customer support, live chat option, revisions and much more. For high quality academic level content, your best bet is to go to

If you are looking for a really cheap essay writing service, you should go to Not only this is one of the cheapest essay writing services (I know of) but at the same time it is one of those few companies that has maximum turnaround time of 14 days. You can get a page written at $14.99 in 14 days which is very cheap. You don’t always need essays and assignments on urgent basis right?
I always place my delayed projects with and these guys always deliver quality content. Though there were times when I had to ask for revisions but they happily make necessary changes so I am one of their happy customers.
Some of the features include:
  • One of the cheapest essay writing services available.
  • You get 15% discount with your first order.
  • If you don’t need your essay urgently, this is the best essay writing service to go with.
  • 24/7 phone support and live chat option available if you want to talk to them about anything.
  • offers a lot of services including copywriting, admission services, resume writing, editing, multiple choice questions, mathematics problems and much more.
  • One of the few companies that offer you MCQ services and mathematical and physics problem solutions.
  • A lot of free services are offered with your order.

If you are placing your order with for the first time, I have a good news for you, you can grab 15% discount straight away. But it is not just about the price instead there are several other features that you will love.
I placed my first order with last year when I was in need of an essay which wasn’t very urgent. So I thought why not try a new essay writing service, that was the moment when I placed my first order with them. I selected standard order with 10 days delivery for a 5 page essay at $19.99 per page. It was my first order with them so I got 15% discount straight away at the checkout which was cool. The writer contacted me and the essay was delivered in 6 days. I was happy with the quality and very happy with the fast turnaround time. offers just the same prices as its competitors but it is better at meeting deadlines. This is my personal experience. They offer you with numerous free services including revisions, which is my favorite. I had to contact them once for revisions and the writer happily amended the essay.
The only issue I have with is that these guys offer you a limited number of services as per their website but if you contact them via phone, they offer all types of services. I always suggest them to update their website but it isn’t updated yet.

If you are short of cash, is your best bet. At, you get discount with your first order, maximum TAT is 14 days with $12.99 per page which is quite less as compared to Since offers you 100% money back guarantee, so I’d recommend
Personally, I never have to ask for full refund so 100% money back guarantee thing is useless for me because I know they will not let that happen. They offer you great content that delight you and at the same time they offer you unlimited revisions, so I never had to ask for refund. But yes, since their prices are lower than all their competitors so I prefer placing my orders with is a very experienced essay writing company having more than 10 years of experience under their belt. Additionally they are so great at giving away discounts and free services. If you don’t need your essay urgently, I recommend you order it from and choose 14 days TAT.
Unlike their competitors, have kept pricing fairly simple and straightforward. They don’t have standard, premium or platinum plans rather they just have one pricing strategy for every single order which makes it very easy for the customers.
10. and has the same pricing strategy. But doesn’t offer you money back guarantee but offers a lot of multiple services which include white papers, college papers, homework and much more. So in one way, and offer almost same kind of services.
I personally order my homework assignments from The projects that no other essay writing service company takes, is usually accepted happily by At the same time, it is one of the cheapest essay writing service providers.
When we talk of its features, has a lot to offer to its clients. Discount is one among them. It is already so cheap and on top of that it always easy to grab discount from these guys. They offer you revisions, they assign you a writer from their team and customer support is quite active though I had to contact them only once.
As said, I normally use for getting homework assignments and I rarely have to ask for any revisions. But every time I reached the writer for revision, he/she happily did so. So I never had any issues with these guys. Here is my advice to you, if you have a unique kind of writing task or homework assignment, you should, without hesitation, contact

Conclusively, you can see all these top essay writing services offer pretty much same services, prices vary a lot and the quality vary too. At the end of essay writing service reviews of 10 best essay writing companies, I’d like to say that before you choose any company, do contact them via live chat option or via phone. Ensure that they are ready to take your project and at the same time, ask for a discount. Most of these essay writing services are very flexible with discount policy so there are chances that you will be able to fetch some discount.